Monday, 19. October 2009

At the conference “Creating Innovation” at the conference centre Schönbrunn representatives from creative industries were invited to present the creative and innovative concepts, ideas and products. Angie Rattay and Ulrich Einweg were also there.

Friday, 28. August 2009

From 722 projects from across the globe, “Planet Earth – Directions for Use” were amongst 69 finanlists. Designers Angie Rattay and Ulrich Einweg were accompanied to Copenhagen by Brigitte Rattay and Adam Pawloff, to participate in a wonderful INDEX-Designweek.
The Designweek included – next to the award ceremony – talks (i.e. Cameron Sinclair), a design-picknick and dinners at the homes of various Danish designers, where Angie Rattay invited Alex Steffen to the EARTHtalks in Vienna. A party in the Designmuseum completed the program. Compliments to the INDEX-Crew!
The INDEX-exhibition of the 69 nominated projects, which was displayed in the Kongens Nytorf, Copenhagen in huge glass globes, also visited cities such as Seoul and Singapore.

Tuesday, 21. July 2009

For the occasion of the exhibition, „DISCOVERIES 2009: WATER“, which ran in July and August 2009 on the Island Mainau, Baroness Bettina Bernadotte ordered 20,000 Directions for Use for distribution to guests.
We visited the exhibition and were thrilled by the diversity of ideas and projects on display.
Many thanks for the good cooperation!

Saturday, 16. May 2009

Angie Rattay und Adam Pawloff were invited to debate about “solutions” in the Museum of Young Art in Vienna.
In the framework of the „Stories of Contribution“, conference participants learned about the motivation behind but also the difficulties facing the invited “social entrepreneurs”, such as us.
Organisation: Emersense

Monday, 11. May 2009

Climatologist Helga Kromp-Kolb explained causes and consequences of climate change, US high-school physics teacher Greg Craven illustrated the decision to be taken regarding climate change using the example of the prisoner’s dilemma, and Right Livelihood winner Hermann Scheer held a powerful and moving speech on the transition to renewable energy.
The 2nd EARTHtalks were a great success! Thanks to everyone involved!
Angieneering took care about the Graphic Design of the event.

©Photos: Seisenbacher

Sunday, 10. May 2009

After a year in production, the long-awaited (beta-version) of the children’s edition is finally here. These are now to be tested by teachers and students in schools in cooperation with project leader, Neongreen Network, so as to evaluate the project. The goal is to implement the revised children’s editon as education materials in Austrian schools!

©Fotos: Jansenberger

Tuesday, 6. January 2009

Due to the time which went into the founding of office and charity and the organization of the EARTHtalks last year, renting an office was out of the question.
Martschin & Partner sponsored Angieneering and Neongreen Network an office for an entire year.
Many thanks to Hannes Martschin for supporting our work!